Bully Kutta

Bully Kutta is a Molosser type dog which is found largely in Pakistan. Bully in its name actually comes from the Punjabi or Hindi/Urdu word bohliómeaning heavily wrinkled, and Kutta means dog.

Bully Kuttas have a huge gigantic head with eyes that seem to be submerged in. An experienced Pakistani dog man can tell the difference between a pure Bully Kutta just by the gait and the gait of a Bully Kutta is very much like that of a Lions & is extremely elegant & powerful.

The bully kutta is also known as the indian or Pakistani Mastiff who are distant and do not like to tolerate strangers. The Bully Kutta is also sometimes referred to as the Sindh Mastiff. Bully Kuttas are typically found in areas in Pakistan and some rural parts of India.

Bully Kuttas have been used as guard dogs in Pakistan and india, they have great size and strength and therefore are sometimes in the hands of people who use them for dog fighting.

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Average Stats

Life span: 8Ė10 years
Location: Predominately Pakistan
Height: 32-40 inches
Weight: 150-200 pounds
Activity level: Moderate
Learning rate: Moderate
Temperament: High
Guard dog ability: High
Watch-dog ability: High

*Please note these are average figures